Publications on and with ASPECT

Referencing ASPECT

As with all scientific work, funding agencies have a reasonable expectation that if we ask for continued funding for this work, we need to demonstrate relevance. To this end, we ask that if you publish results that were obtained to some part using ASPECT, you cite the following, canonical reference for this software:

    author =  {Martin Kronbichler and Timo Heister and Wolfgang Bangerth},
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               Modern Numerical Methods},
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The most recent release of ASPECT (v1.5.0) can be cited as:

  author       = {Wolfgang Bangerth and
                  Juliane Dannberg and
                  Rene Gassmoeller and
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The manual's proper reference is this:

  Title         = {{\textsc{ASPECT}: Advanced Solver for Problems in Earth's ConvecTion, User Manual}},
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Publications in 2017

  1. R. Gassmöller, E. Heien, E. G. Puckett, W. Bangerth
    Flexible and scalable particle-in-cell methods for massively parallel computations
    Submitted, 2017.
  2. Y. He, E. G. Puckett, M. I. Billen
    A Discontinuous Galerkin Method with a Bound Preserving Limiter for the Advection of non-Diffusive Fields in Solid Earth Geodynamics
    Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, vol. 263, pp. 23-37, 2017.
  3. T. Heister, J. Dannberg, R. Gassmöller, W. Bangerth
    High Accuracy Mantle Convection Simulation through Modern Numerical Methods. II: Realistic Models and Problems
    Submitted, 2017.
  4. K. Takeyama, T. R. Saitoh, J. Makino
    Variable inertia method: A novel numerical method for mantle convection simulation
    New Astronomy, vol. 50, pp. 82-103, 2017.
  5. I. Rose, B. Buffett, T. Heister
    Stability and accuracy of free surface time integration in viscous flows
    Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, vol. 262, pp. 90-100, 2017.

Publications in 2016

  1. S. Cox
    Adaptive large-scale mantle convection simulations
    PhD thesis, University of Leicester, 2016.
  2. J. Dannberg, T. Heister
    Compressible Magma/Mantle Dynamics: 3d, Adaptive Simulations in ASPECT
    Geophysics Journal International, vol. 207, pp. 1343-1366, 2016.
  3. R. Gassmöller, J. Dannberg, E. Bredow, B. Steinberger, T. H. Torsvik
    Major influence of plume-ridge interaction, lithosphere thickness variations and global mantle flow on hotspot volcanism - the example of Tristan
    Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., vol. 17, 1454-1479, 2016.
  4. S. Zhang, C. O'Neill
    The early geodynamic evolution of Mars-type planets
    Icarus, Vol. 265, pp. 187–208, 2016.

Publications in 2015

  1. J. Austermann, D. Pollard, J.X. Mitrovica, R. Moucha, A. M. Forte, R. M. DeConto, D. B. Rowley, M. E. Raymo
    The impact of dynamic topography change on Antarctic Ice Sheet stability in the Pliocene
    Geology, vol. 43, pp. 927-930, 2015.
  2. J. Dannberg
    Dynamics of mantle plumes: Linking scales and coupling physics
    PhD thesis, Potsdam University, Germany, 2015.
  3. N. Tosi, C. Stein, L. Noack, C. Huttig, P. Maierova, H. Samuel, D. R. Davies, C. R. Wilson, S. C. Kramer, C. Thieulot, A. Glerum, M. Fraters, W. Spakman, A. Rozel, P. J. Tackley
    A community benchmark for viscoplastic thermal convection in a 2-D square box
    Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, Vol. 16, Issue 7, pp. 2175-2196, 2015.
  4. I. van Zelst
    Mantle dynamics on Venus: Insights from numerical modelling
    Master's Thesis, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, 2015.

Publications in 2014

  1. Menno Fraters
    Thermo-mechanically coupled subduction modelling with ASPECT
    MSc thesis, Utrecht University, 2014.

Publications in 2012

  1. M. Kronbichler, T. Heister, W. Bangerth
    High Accuracy Mantle Convection Simulation through Modern Numerical Methods
    Geophysical Journal International, vol. 191, pp. 12-29, 2012.