ReadMe instructions for ASPECT

ASPECT is published under the GNU GPL v2 or newer license.

Installation instructions

In order to install ASPECT, you will need to first install the following dependencies:

  • Trilinos: A library for parallel linear algebra.
  • p4est: A library for parallel data structures and algorithms to represent meshes.
  • deal.II: A library that supports all things related to finite element methods.
The individual steps needed to install each of these packages are discussed in the Installation instructions section of the ASPECT manual. Detailed installation instructions are also provided by all of these libraries on their webpages as well as much more information about details of these libraries.

One you have installed these three underlying libraries, compiling ASPECT is relatively simple. More information can again be found in the corresponding section of the ASPECT manual.

Running and extending ASPECT

Instructions on how to run and extend, as well as on how to interpret the output of ASPECT can also be found in the ASPECT manual. This manual also discusses the structure of the source code.

More information

If you have questions on ASPECT, there are a number of mailing lists that can help: